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National scene: Two pilots join IS
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The Jakarta Post, Jakarta | National | Fri, July 10 2015, 3:06 PM

Two Indonesian pilots are believed to have joined the Islamic State (IS) movement, according to a report by the Australian Federal Police (AFP).

The report, which was published online in March 2015, asserts that two Indonesian pilots, identified as Ridwan Ahmad Al Indonesiy alias Ridwan Agustin and Tommy Abu Alfatih alias Tomi Hendratno, have been radicalized by IS forces and may pose an international security threat.

The AFP have tracked the involvement of the two men with the radical movement through their social media accounts.

From Ridwan’s Facebook account, the AFP learned that the man used to work with AirAsia starting in 2010 and had flown several international and domestic routes.

The police began noticing his support for IS in September 2014, when he started posting IS-related materials on his page.

The police’s source suggests that Ridwan has also posted comments on the page of Heri Kustyanyo, a member of another radical Islamic group, Jamaah Islamiyah, which is affiliated with IS and other Indonesian terrorist groups.

Meanwhile, Tommy is also affiliated with Ridwan through Facebook, as he usually indicates he likes Ridwan’s posts related to IS. 
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