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除学术以外,拥有丰富的商业营运经验。本科毕业后,在香港电讯公司工作了16年,离职前出任为商业宽频电文服务部主管经理。1998年,香港电讯市场开放,与电讯同事組建电讯公司,出任行政总裁,提供多种电讯服务予在香港的海外傭工。2008年公司集团增办 78所连锁商店供应日常生活用品予在香港的印尼工人和归侨。2012年,把生意股权出让退出商业營运。


Personal Profile - Dr. Chan Wing Wah

Dr. Chan whose fatherland is Guangdong China was born in 1956 Hong Kong. He obtained his first degree in Government and Public Adninistration, The Chinese University of Hong Kong in 1979. In 1993, he completed his part-time Master Degree Course in Information Systems offered by Hong Kong Polytechnic University. It was not until 2013 , he stopped his full-time job and went back to the campus for study. He was admitted by the Institue of History of Modern China, Central China Normal  University as the PhD candidate. After a 4- year research study on Indonesian Chinese Merchant Association and  Sino-Indonesia Relations, in June 2017 he was granted the PhD in History of Modern China. He is now serving as an editor of the quarterly jounal - Indonesia Focus published by the Hong Kong Society for Indonesian Studies.

Apart from  his academic achievement, he had 33 years of business experience in telecom and retailing. He started his career in Hong Kong Telecom in 1979, where his contribution was in development and and management of  the advanced datacom services.  After 16 years of service, he left HKT and found his own telecom company. In 2008, the Company Group was expanded to the retail business. At the peak , the Group ran a chain of 78 Indonesian Product Stores. He got his  semi-retirement further to the sold out of his company shares in 2012.

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